A Designer Guide to Decorating in Contemporary Style


If you were to go by dictionary definitions, modern and contemporary would be synonymous. However, if you were to go by interior design definitions, contemporary and modern mean two different things. For instance, modern design was a popular, simplistic trend from the 1920s to the 1950s. Whereas, contemporary design describes trends, designs, and décor that are current, up-to-date, and ever-evolving with the times.

This blog article will discuss contemporary design styles, and how the Seasons Design Team can help you achieve stellar, contemporary décor that enhances your interior spaces, improves your moods, and matches your personality.


Contemporary Design Elements to Consider for Your Home, Office, and Beyond

It can be difficult to pinpoint contemporary design because the concept of contemporary décor is always evolving with today’s trends and interior design knowledge. That said, there are a few elements that would still be implemented in contemporary interior design, regardless of how much times have changed.

  • Hidden or recessed overhead lights are a big contemporary design element. These lights give the illusion of sunshine, but can also be changed in subtle hues, like off-white or subtle beige, as a soft spotlight to create a specific mood.
  • Plants, flowers, and nature-based elements, especially for offices, are large and bold, nestled in dramatic pots of either bright colors or earthenware. The leaves of these plants are often interesting and intricate, drawing the eyes to an accentuated point in your home or business. 
  • Textured fabrics are another contemporary design element that never goes out of style. Need to spruce up an old couch? Snag a textured throw with braided edges in vibrant colors. Or, add fun, vivid throw pillows to either end of the sofa.

How Does Color Tie into Your Perfect Interior Design?

While comfort is key in any instance of home or business interior designs, contemporary design styles use color to perfect décor. There are two different color elements to contemporary décor—base tones and overlaying accentuation hues.

Base hues in contemporary interior design are often white, off-white, or a shade of light neutral, such as beige or soft greys. These are easier tones to work with when interior designers start accentuating with the overlaid colors, which can really be any color of the rainbow.

An example of a contemporary-colored room would be walls of off-white with an accent wall of royal blue. These colors are further accentuated and deepened with two to three varying shades of blue throughout the room. For instance, there might be an ocean blue vase on an opaque glass side-table, the couch might be adorned with corded robin’s egg blue throw pillows, and the artwork is perhaps a dark-framed rendition of an abstract sea scene in blue watercolors.

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What You Should Know About Seasons and Their Amazing Design and Décor Expertise

The Seasons Design Team boasts over two decades of design and décor knowledge, but their expertise comes from hands-on, interactive, positive experiences with their portfolio of satisfied clients.

Rather than tell you what you need to make your interior design perfect, the Seasons designers listen to your ideas, expectations, and interests first. Their brainstorm sessions are encouraging and open, allowing you to take the creative reins and suggest your own unique design and décor ideas. These designers want you to be happy with your living or working space, so their interior décor knowledge goes towards helping you accomplish the perfect home or business that you already envision.


Finding a Local Interior Designer

Open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm, there are multiple ways to contact Seasons designers for a consultation about the interior design and décor of your business or home. One method is the website contact page located here. Fill out the contact information with your email address, name, phone number, and message with a brief subject title. The designers will have a look at your requests, ideas, or consultation reservations, then call to set up a time to talk. Otherwise, please call 843-785-6280 to discuss your design needs. The Seasons South office is located in Village at Wexford at 1000 William Hilton Parkway, Ste D4 in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928.

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